Thursday, August 4, 2011

BIX Photos - Here are some visuals from the race

Below are some photos from the BIX 7 race held last weekend. The ones with the proof emblem are from the official photos taken on race day and the others were taken by me when the kids ran the Jr. Bix the night before. Enjoy!

Aiden(age 6) and Addyson(age 4)

Me with Aiden after his race. I have never been so proud of anything or anyone as I was watching him run with all his heart during his 1/2 mile run.

Big boy chowing down waiting for Addyson to run her little race.

Addyson is going to be our athlete. She cried their entire Moonlight Chase, but she tore this race up and was very proud of her medal.
This picture made the QC Times and Aiden is behind the kid in the tie dye shirt on the right.

Here I am pre-race as I was just getting ready for my warm up run.

Notice the change in expression as this is me after the race. I was dead and did not have enough energy to even smile.

Heading on home and my legs were going on me quickly

My stupid arm position that my wife always makes fun of. I finally see it after all this time.

This picture captures how tired I am. I left it all out on the course and the results were worth it.

The finish line FINALLY! It is amazing how the brain and legs realize this line and instantly shut down.

One more shot of finishing. I needed water so bad and yet it felt like it was miles away.
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