Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review: Ten Powerful Phrases for Positive People by Rich DeVos

Book Description

The simple act of offering a kind word or two can have power to change lives in positive and profound ways.

In TEN POWERFUL PHRASES FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE, DeVos focuses each chapter on one key phrase, such as "I'm Proud of You," or "I Believe in You," that he has found to help individuals overcome differences, build relationships, instill confidence, change attitudes, and generally make us feel positive about ourselves and about helping others. Each phrase is illustrated through anecdotes from DeVos's experiences and about people whose lives have been touched either by saying or hearing one of the small but powerful phrases. Anyone with the ability to offer a kind word to a friend, family member, or coworker will benefit from this book's positive, practical wisdom.

My Thoughts

This was one of many books I read this summer to help me improve outlook on life, my mental toughness, and overall mental well being. I have posted several book reviews in the last few months on books that have really helped stay strong during my training for my first marathon as well as helping me to declutter all the things in my life that I don't really need.

This book was another good book to have under my belt. I took away some valuable information. Most of it is not groundbreaking, but an excellent reminder at how the small things we do in life can make a great impact.

The ones that I found to be the most helpful were "I'm Wrong", "You Can Do It", "I Believe in You", and "I'm Proud of You". I think each reader will take away different things based on their life experiences and their personalities. For me, these phrases helped me realize that I need to do a better job at helping inspire others and help them believe in themselves. I have been working very hard over the summer to do just that. I am reminded to do the same for my family and especially my kids. I also need to work on admitting when I am in the wrong. This is hard for everyone, but on the rare chance that I am not correct(sarcasm) I need to be strong enough to admit.

A quick, short read that helps us understand more about ourselves and others. I would recommend this book in addition to the others I have read this summer.
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