Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Training - Week 13 - Week 11 of Marathon Training - Tuesday 7 Miler

Rolled myself out of bed and headed out for my 7 mile run this morning around 5 am. I was hoping to get out a little earlier to get home sooner to actually have a few minutes to read and get ready for the day, but that did not happen.

It was a great run. I did not have time to eat or drink anything before this run so I was a little worried how I would feel the last two miles or so, but I felt fine. I did drink a Shakeology shake and eat a bowl  of cereal before bed so maybe that was the key to sustaining my energy levels. My legs were pretty tired, but once I got going I felt fine. I was able to run 7.5 miles(I ran a little farther due to a mix up on my course selection) in 61:18 which comes out to an 8:10 pace. It felt pretty easy as I tested myself by singing out loud at various checkpoints this morning.

I am doing well in my training. This run was to be slow with 5 at my MP, but that just feels way too slow for this distance. It is crazy to think that a few months back I about died running this distance and now I don't think much of it. It is amazing how training the body makes it so strong.

I have on more run before a rest day and then time to mentally prepare for my long 20 mile run on Saturday. I felt good with 18 last week, but each week the body responds different. I hope I feel just as good as last week so I can work at running at my MP for a few more miles to get used to being on my feet this long at that pace.

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