Friday, August 19, 2011

Training - Week 13 - Week 11 of Marathon Training - Thursday and Friday - Rest

Two days of no exercise is killing me. I woke up this morning hoping to get on my bike for a short ride and some weight lifting at the Y, but I was so tired I decided against it. I have been sleeping bad and the first week of school is catching up to me. Additionally, I don't know what is going on with my right ankle area, but ever since my run on Wednesday I have this shooting pain all around my ankle(well slightly above). It will not go away. I decided to play it safe and just let it recovery and not risk making it worse by riding and lifting.

I am really hoping that my ankle feels better tomorrow morning as I have a 20 mile run. I need to get that in for mental training more than anything. The last time I ran 20 it did not go so well so I need a run like last weekend to help me jump over this mental hurdle of 20.

I honestly cannot remember the last time I took two straight days off, but when the body is giving you signs to chill out you have to listen despite how hard it is to ignore the warning signs. My race day is about 36 Days away so now is very important to listen to my body and make sure it is where it needs to be come race. Too much time and effort has been poured into the training to let me ego take over.

Thank goodness it is Friday!
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