Saturday, August 20, 2011

Training - Week 13 - Week 11 of Marathon Training - Saturday Frustrations

Overslept this morning(again) by about an hour. I woke up at 4, but was so tired I said to myself just five more minutes. Well, we know how that goes and one hour later I woke up. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as around 6:00 or so it started raining. I would have been about an hour away form my house and screwed had I left on time. Needless to say my motivation to run 20 miles continued to dwindle as I laid around drinking coffee, listening to the rain, and reading a book.

My other issue of the day is that my right leg is still giving me problems. I took the last two days off doing nothing but walking. This was very hard to do as I usually bike and lift on Fridays. The pain is right above the ankle bone(sorry for lack of terminology) on the inside of my right foot. I mean it just sits there on top of the bone. When I do stairs and as the day continues a sharp pain shoots upwards along the inside of my shin to my knee. To be honest it is really ticking me off. I have ran now for over 100 days feeling great and now I have another round of injuries in two weeks time. This one concerns me because it is not going away. I have no swelling or bruising so it has me thinking it is something along the lines of a stress fracture, but I don't know.

Anyways, I lost the mental edge to run long today so I went out for a 4 mile run that I had planned as recovery for the day after my 20 miler. My body felt fantastic except for the little ankle area. The pain never increased, but it never decreased either. I ran 4 miles in 33:34 which is a 8:23 mile and I don't think I ever breathed hard. I was running more to actually exercise and test out my ankle. I came home and iced my ankle so we will see.

I am going to attempt the 20 mile run tomorrow. I don't know if that is smart or not, but I need a 20 mile run under my belt for the mental aspect of my training. I want to run 20 miles, feel good, and not be wiped out the rest of the day. I hope my pain goes down and I can fight through. This will be the breaking point of my injury. I hope I don't make things worse, but if I do now would be the time to do it as the race is 30 some days away. I need to run 20 mile to help me believe I can run 26.

So yes, my frustrations are setting in. This just leads to stress that I don't need. Hopefully, everything will take care of itself tomorrow and I will be in a better frame of mind and ready to continue my training with excitement.
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