Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training - Week 14 - Week 12 of Marathon Training - Tuesday - 7 Mile EZ

This week is my big peak week. The plan has me scheduled to run 42 miles which is the largest mileage of any week. It starts out with a nice 7 mile EZ run. My legs were pretty sore this morning. Actually to back up to yesterday my legs became worse as the day went on. I would assume because I was at school and not doing my typical day after of recovery like I do on the weekends. Usually I run long on Saturday and do next to nothing on Sunday. This week I had to get up and go to work.

I think I am developing some nice shin splints. I had some sharp pain near the top of both of my shins all day yesterday and today. I ran this morning with compression socks. My shins felt fine running, but the minute I stopped I could feel the pain right away. I don't think it is anything major, but just one more thing to keep an eye on.

My ankle started to hurt about 4 miles in. The pain started to spread to the back of my foot around the Achilles area. I am keeping a very close eye on this pain and injury. I may need to cut back some of the miles this week to allow my body to recover. I really want to get the 42 miles in, but at what price? I would rather not accomplish running 42 miles in week 12 of my training and complete my marathon goal compared to the other way around.

I am scheduled for another 7 mile run tomorrow. I will see how the leg feels and determine what to do. Who knows maybe it will rain and just flat out force me not to run.

Overall, I had a nice run. A great breeze and I ran the 7 miles in 62 minutes for a 8:59 pace. It felt very easy and not difficult at all. I am right there and cannot wait for this race to get here.

Don't forget to head over the Live Uncommon website - http://liveuncommon.org/Page/where.aspx?nt=641 and let me know what shirt and color I should get for the race. I plan on ordering another one so I have it in time for the Clinton Half Marathon if I decide to sign up for that race.

Keep pushing towards your goal and keep GETTING IT DONE!
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