Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Training - Week 15 - Week 13 of Marathon Training - Tuesday - Another Frustrating Day of Rest

No running again today. I rested yesterday as I had scheduled, but today I was to run 7 miles. That did not happen. I am frustrated. Frustrated to the point that I feel stressed. I should not let my mind get to that point as I am in a good spot in terms of time until the marathon and how well I have increased my running the last 3.5 months. However, I hate having an injury. My ankle just continues to spread the pain all over like a plague.

This morning my Achilles area feels much better, but still tight. My ankle bone and calf area actually feels really good. A little tight which is expected after the hard run I had Sunday. However, a whole new pain has decided to join in the ranks and this one is located on the top of my foot on that long bone that connects to my toe. Yes, that same area in which I had a stress fracture on my other foot this past winter. I am really hoping that it is just the tendon that runs along the bone. I refuse to accept anything else, but yesterday it killed every single time I walked. This morning was not a whole better, but at least it was not as painful(yet).

No, I am not going to the doctor because I don't want to accept any diagnosis of a stress fracture. I know I would not listen to any advice of not running and just resting or wearing a boot, etc. I will give my foot another day or two and then I will be sucking it up and try a run.

This marathon will get done. One way or another. Hobble or no hobble, I will be GETTING IT DONE!

My stubbornness may be the cause of the injury, but my stubbornness will get me through this race also.

Yes, I feel like throwing something and yelling loudly.

How does one go injury free for 90+ days to be ridden with multiple injuries just prior to a huge life goal? Just another test for me to pass.
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