Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Getting It Done - Countdown to Marathon - 5 Days and Counting.....Finish Strong

Source: tumblr.com via Aaron on Pinterest

"Finish Strong powerfully says that how you start doesn't determine the outcome. It’s how you finish that matters."

The phrase above is from the latest newsletter I received from Jon Gordon. In the newsletter he applies this thought to business and being successful with a company. I read that phrase and felt a connection to my goal of a marathon.

One of the things that I have to force myself to do is to start slow so I can finish strong. I know when I get to that race line I am going to be nervous and full of adrenaline. I have to remember that this is a long race(four hours is my intended time) and therefore going out too fast will only lead to results that I won't like.

There is a huge unknown factor in this race. I have never ran more than 20. It will be key to listen to my body. I need to get to that 13 mile mark feeling fresh so I can Finish Strong.

As I reflected about my mental approach to running this weekend during my long I must remember to keep my energy, intentions, and enthusiasm at a high level throughout the run. If I embrace the moment, then there is no reason for me to not finish strong.

Jon Gordon talks about people losing their mojo when they need it most. I will need my mojo the most at that mile 20 mark as the final six miles will be a journey that I have never ventured to before. It is unknown territory. The final 50-60 minutes will be a test to my body that it has never experienced. I will have to turn my mind into a Jedi and be one with the force. I will dig deep to continue to push my body to a new threshold never encountered before.

I will be crossing that finish line Finishing Strong and not just limping/walking my way through. I will cross a champion and goal breaker. I will be GETTING IT DONE!

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