Saturday, September 24, 2011

Getting It Done - Countdown to Marathon - 12 Hours and Counting...Time To Have Fun

I have nothing special left to share on my countdown to my  marathon. Just wrapped a great pasta dinner and some good speakers.

I am ready. I am going to prep my stuff and head to bed as I will be up nice and early around 3 am to get ready. This is just how I roll.

My last thought is to get out there and have fun. Why go through life not enjoying life? I have prepped and it is time to get out there are and have fun. Why not? I am going to smile. I am going to enjoy the course. I am going to appreciate the people out cheering. I am going to the nervous pre race potty breaks(about 37 of them). I am going to enjoy the moment.

I am lucky to have this chance.

I am going to earn this badge tomorrow. I cannot wait. Let it begin......

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