Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Misc Thoughts From Coffeechug

I was too tired to run this morning. My 3.5 hours of sleep yesterday caught up to me. I felt run down so I slept in and rested. Looks like four days of running in a row coming up.

1. No bishop appears in Through the Looking-Glass.

2. I need one day to type up blog posts and book reviews. I  have notepads of thoughts and ideas and reviews that I need to write up.

3. Thoughts on homework in education? I am writing up a piece about homework and looking for other perspectives to include.

4. If you remember cassette tapes, then stay tuned as I am putting the final details on a new challenge: Cassette Tape Mixtape Challenge.

5. I am in need of a new image for my blog. Last year I had some fantastic artwork submitted(one became the main logo, coffeemug, and t-shirt...thanks Amanda Matthews!). I need some new artwork to spice up the blog. Send your artistic visions my way.

6. What are you reading right now?

7. I am obsessed lately with how cell phones and apps make education so great. Currently digging the new EasyBib app. Can life get any easier? What apps can you not live without that I should try?

8. Never forget the delicious flavor and aroma of coffee in the morning. The only thing that comes close is drinking orange juice with morning breath. Sounds gross, but so good. HA HA! ☺

9. Can you tell that my brain is all over the place this morning! I leave you with this picture from my kitchen. Sometimes Amanda deals with four kids when I act like a 6 year old myself...hence the word on the chalkboard. Yes, Aiden and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Peace Out ✌ and look forward to your comments, thoughts, and ideas!

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