Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training - Thursday Run - 1st Since Marathon

Headed out this morning for a nice easy run to slowly get my legs back to normal. I have been extremely sore since the marathon Sunday finding even the smallest of inclines or declines to be a challenge.

Ran with a buddy for about 3 miles. Nice and slow to shake out some of the soreness. I could tell my legs are not quite ready yet as running down a hill my quads were on fire. However, it felt great to be back on the road running after taking the last three days off.

I would like to get one more race in this year. I was really hoping to do the Chicago Urbanathlon, but expenses are going to keep me out of running this race this year. A weekend in Chicago is never cheap. So, if you have any suggestions for a race in late October/early November let me know. I have my eye on a couple, but just not sure which ones to go after until I get my legs back to normal.

Run today was 2.87 miles in 27:36 for a 9:37 pace

I am following this post marathon recovery process from Hal Higdon in case you are interested.

Time to set that new goal to start another edition of GETTING IT DONE!
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