Thursday, September 1, 2011

Training - Week 15 - Week 13 of Marathon Training - Thursday - 7 Miles

Woke up this morning in an attempt to get out and run. I have rested for three days now and it is time to give the foot a try. I took off this morning and it did not take long for the top of my foot to begin to hurt. This latest development of an injury I believe is probably a result from the other issues I have been having with my ankle. This pain on top of my foot never went away. Each step I felt a sharp little jab of pain. Running uphill the pain actually went away, but when I had to descent I could barely step down.

Around mile 5 the pain on the top of foot subsided enough where it did not hurt. However, then the pain in the back of my ankle bone flared up. Needless to say it was not an enjoyable run.

I finished the run in one hour for a 8:39 mile pace. It felt good to run aside from the pain. My body felt out of sorts as I felt I lost my stride.

Mentally the run was taxing. It was only 7 miles, but it took about all I had mentally to get through. I was never able to get to that relaxed state in this run.

I hate writing about the injury because I feel like maybe I am being a big wuss about things. I am considering calling the doctor to see if maybe there is a shot or something to numb my foot to get me through September 25th. I don't know if I have the mental stamina to sustain a 4 hour run with this pain.

I will see what my options are.

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