Friday, September 2, 2011

Training - Week 15 - Week 13 of Marathon Training - Friday - 7 Miles

Hot and humid this morning during the run. Almost did not get out as I took off it began to rain so I waited it out. While waiting I checked the radar for weather and realized I need to run. I am glad I did because I don't known if I would have ran tonight with the craziness of this week. I am worn out.

The run today went better. For some reason the pain in my foot was tolerable and the outrageous pain of yesterday. I see the doctor today so hopefully I will get injected with some goodies to allow me to run pain free in the marathon. That is my hope anyways.

Depending on how I feel I need to get one last long run in this weekend. I need this to round out a great 4 months of quality training and to get my mind focused on the race and not my foot.

Have a great weekend. Continue GETTING IT DONE!

Oh and I ran 7 miles this morning in 61 minutes for 8:42 pace.
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