Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Training - Week 16 - Week 14 of Marathon Training - 5 Miles

It was a little chilly out this morning. I ran in my long sleeve running jacket and I was not too warm. I love this type of weather. Nice and cold, but not so cold you have to bundle, but you also don't have to worry about being hot.

I took yesterday off to rest my foot and body after running 4 straight days. This morning my body felt alright. My knees hurt and towards the end of the run my foot started to get a little tender. Nothing major, but something to keep an eye on. My foot has felt good the last 4 days so I hope that continues.

I ran the 5 miles in 39:30 for 7:54 pace. A good way to start the day after sleeping terrible last night. I went to be around 10 and I was wired and could not fall asleep. Around 11:30 I got up to drink some milk and I think around midnight my brain finally slowed down for me to crash. We were woken a few times with Ava who has a cold and cutting teeth so it was not the best night of sleep. A great way to get ready for a day of school.

Time to get ready.......

Keep pushing hard to achieve your goals. The QC Marathon is 19 days away. I am in a fog with the notion that I will be running 26.2 miles in less than three weeks(hopefully, after the MRI Saturday).
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