Monday, October 24, 2011

GETTING IT DONE: Lessons from my bike ride - Building Bridges

I mentioned in my training this weekend I would be posting some images from my bike ride as sources of inspiration. This is the first one of the week.

Many times in life we come across a situation where we have to take action. Sometimes we have to be strong enough to build bridges over the obstacles to keep us from stopping dead in our tracks and sinking in the mindset that we cannot achieve.

While riding my bike Sunday I thought these thoughts while getting ready to cross this bridge. I thought back to training for my marathon and all the times I had to build a mental bridge to overcome the latest challenge or obstacle on my path to achieving my goal.

I feel like I have had to build more bridges lately to get myself ready for my next goal of triathlons. You cannot let these little obstacles stop us. Yes, they may tend to slow us down, but never let the roadblocks stop you completely.

Once you build the bridge, then you have to go forth and trust yourself that you are strong enough to achieve. Self doubt can quickly erode any bridges that you have created. Self doubt is bound to happen, but you have to believe in yourself. You have to track your data so you can go back, examine what you have accomplished to remind yourself how powerful and amazing you are.

Be amazing! Be strong! And continue GETTING IT DONE by building your bridges to overcome the little obstacles along the path to success.

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