Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Training - 4 Mile EZ Run - Path To Success

I have decided to go with a training plan for a marathon. I am going to pick up in the plan at 5 weeks out of a race. I have done this in the possibility of running a marathon. I am not fully committed. Things that are affecting my final decision:

- my foot and the pain I currently have
-fall plans and finding a weekend that does not cause too much chaos
-getting my body back to feeling fresh

I went out for a 4 mile run today. My legs just did not feel recharged. They felt tired. I only ran at a 8:23 pace, but my legs were tired at mile 2. Some of this has to come from the 5 mile run on Sunday when I pushed maybe a little too hard. I ran 8:56, 8:22, 8:14, 7:55 mile splits to finish up in 33:44.

I have another run scheduled for tomorrow. I plan on going much slower and just getting the body back used to being on my feet for some time. I am not too worried as this is all new territory for me. I just need to continue to listen to my body and take one day at a time. I need my foot healthy and body feeling good for the Living Farms Race in November. I don't plan on setting a new mile pace record or anything, but just want to go out, run hard, and have fun running through water in the cold.

What I need is just some time to plan and map out my next goal and the path to that goal. What are your goals for the fall/winter?

This is how the path sometimes turns out. Right now I feeling like I am spinning my wheels until I mark my next goal.
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