Saturday, December 17, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 3 - Saturday Bike Ride With The Man!

Got in a great ride this morning with Jeff Paul. Headed to BMS for a 75 minute foundation ride. My goal was to not go below 90 cadence for the session. I kept my front gear on the biggest gear and the back on the middle and smaller throughout.

Remember that you can see all my workout note cards for the week in my Triathlon Training set on Flickr:


The hardest part of the training this morning was figuring out the VCR to play some Ironman footage. After about 20 minutes we figured it out. It is always amazing to watch these showcases to remind me of how fortunate I am to be healthy and be able to do what I do.

This 75 minute ride has been my longest in my training yet. My butt has not yet adapted to being on the bike for a long time so I had to stand up periodically to give my butt a break. My legs started to fatigue around the 50 minute mark, but then time seemed to fly by the last 20 minutes.

This was a great workout for the weekend. I needed to burn off a few of the cookies I have been devouring lately. I ended up riding 75 minutes completing 31.36 miles for a 2:24 bike pace.

Sunday is usually my rest day, but I think I am going to head out and run with some guys who are training for Leadville. I hope to get my butt out of bed and join them for one 90 minute loop. I figured this will do me some good as I know I will have a couple rest days with Christmas coming up next week. I can do this run knowing I will have time to give the body a break later in the week.

Have a great weekend. On to baking cookies, wrapping presents, and doing all the other million things that need to get done on the weekend.

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