Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 3 - Wednesday Foundation Bike Ride w/ Bridesmaids and Core

Last night I sepnt way  more time than probably more time than needed trying to install my new bike pedals and and cleats into my new bike shoes.

Here are the pedals and shoes I purchased.


This morning I decided to ride in my basement. I chose to ride solo so I could get used to clipping in and out and figuring out how to ride with bike shoes. This was my first time ever using them. I wanted to be home in case I needed to change position of the cleats, adjust my shoes, etc.

After one ride I can the benefits to having bike shoes. It really makes a world of difference. Being able to constantly use your legs to pedal by both pushing and pulling is amazing.

My workout for today was to get in a 60 minute foundation ride. I am still building up my base on the bike. Bike and swimming are my two weaknesses right now that need work which is why training now is so important. I am doing things right and getting things in place for a good training block come the end of January.

I completed a 60 minute ride accomplishing 21 miles for a 2:51 pace. My average speed was 21 with a max of 30.9. My average HR was 103 with a max of 124. I right where I needed to be.

To help the time go by I watched the first hour of Bridesmaids. This movie was cracking me up. So far it has lived up to the hype. I will need to ride again soon to finish the movie up. I am at the place where they are on the airplane. This helped make the time fly by. I had to put on my headphones to hear the movie. I did not want to blast my speakers and wake my family up. I had to really scoot my bike up close to the TV. I snapped some photos so you can see my setup.
IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1876

Here is the slideshow of my Triathlon Training Pictures so far

I finished up with a 10 minute Core workout. I did not do this last night so I added it to the workout this morning. Man, this was a killer little workout if you don't take breaks. I performed the Core workout on the right side of the card. The Upper Body is what we did yesterday. A great workout for the middle of the week.


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