Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 5 - Lactic Acid Threshold Training - Wednesday Swim - Flush Out The Lactic Acid

Woke up this morning to get in an optional swim that I had in the training for the week. I have two swim workouts that I need to get in and I had room for a third swim workout if I felt up to it. I decided to put in the optional swim workout this morning and use it for a couple reasons:

1. I am sore from the tough running workout from yesterday. Swimming helps my body feel better by loosening it up without any serious poundage.
2. I need to stay in the routine of working out each morning. I find it easier to work out in the morning. If I wait until later it never seems to get done or it feels like "work". For some reason at 5 am it does not seem like work.
3. I can work on improving my swimming.

Here is the workout - this was completed in about 45 minutes.

This is not a lactic acid threshold workout by any means. Rather it is a workout to flush out the lactic acid. I took things nice and easy. My legs and body were sore and tired so I was not out to push my body this morning. I still have a few workouts left this week to push the body.
Warm up went well. My shoulders always take time to loosen up and by the end of the drill work I was ready. I really struggled during the pyramid base building. I just could not get relaxed enough and therefore my breathing felt much more labored than what it should have been. I struggled on the 200's and the 250 due to my breathing. I was not swimming fast, but one thing I have realized as of late when I swim nice and easy working on base/endurance swims is that my legs don't stay up. I swim at an angle with my legs almost completely submerged in the water. When I swim fast my legs are right on top where they should be. I am not sure how to correct this, but this is something I need to fix as I will not be swimming fast in my triathlons. I will be swimming just to get by and try to make up ground on the bike and run.

After this workout I took it easy in the hot tub. My body needed some down time. I have been pushing my body hard the last few days and it is adapting well. Nutrition is the key. I hope to jump on the bike later tonight and keep going in a big week of training. 

Loving Life and working hard GETTING IT DONE! What are you doing?
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