Saturday, December 31, 2011

What Is In Store For Coffeechug in 2012?

I always find it crazy and somewhat ridiculous some of the goals people set for themselves each year. I am a goal setter for sure so I don't hate on the idea of setting goals, but I cannot stand some of the goals people set. Some are too vague, too unrealistic, too stupid, and sometimes just not practical. Many have the best intentions, but they are missing the boat to success by their perception of what they want. They try to transform too much too fast and end up with undesirable results. I read somewhere that 90% of the goals people set for themselves each year end up in failure. Why do we do that to ourselves? Do we not know ourselves enough or are we simple not tough enough?

For example, a goal of wanting to lose say 30lbs. A bad goal? Not necessarily, but what happens when the person reaches 30 lbs? Do they keep losing and losing until it is unhealthy? Do they celebrate by putting all the weight back on and then some? What a person should do is not set a lb goal, but change the structure of their goal. By changing the phrase of the goal to something more like, "I would like to exercise up to 5 times a week" would lead to a change not only in weight, but also in habits. As you continue to exercise and reap the benefits, the eating starts to change to healthy habits, the mindset starts to reform, and next thing you know your weight is going down properly and things start to fall into place like proper nutrition, hydration, sleep, etc.

I know that not everyone works the same way and for some setting a specific goal might be the best approach. Ask yourself if that approach has worked in the past. If you answer no, then it is time to rethink your goal.

In 2012 I have a few specific goals and notice how none pertain to weight or body image, but these things have happened for me due to my goal setting. I have lost about 20 lbs in the last year by doing things the right way. Losing weight was not a goal, but in my training process I have eliminated some body fat that needed to go by process of elimination. Here are my big three performance goals.

Goal #1: Complete my first triathlon
Goal #2: Conquer my first half Ironman(70.3 miles)
Goal #3: Beat my Bix 7 time from 2011
Goal #4: Beat my 2011 training total of 1500 miles
Gaol #5: A PR in the half marathon

For some personal goals that I plan on working on throughout the year.

Personal Goal #1: Continue my plan of decluttering my life. I read somewhere among all my Tao readings that the less you have/own the less stress you have in your life to clean, organize, utilize, etc. This makes so much sense. We stress about our house being messy. Well if I just eliminated half the crap I own, then it would not be an issue. I have started this process in 2011 and will continue the approach. This applies to my email accounts and computer storage as well.

Personal Goal #2: Saying no to people. There are several times each year that I just have too much on my plate. It never ceases to fail that I say yes to all of these things and then BOOM! it all hits me at once. I have done a much better job of thinking of me and my family first. I will continue to do so and try to be even better at it this mindset.

Personal Goal #3: Staying calm. I am very laid back, but things build up and I just blow up. I have been reading a lot about Tao and the simplicity in life. I hope to continue to use these concepts in my daily life to stay calm and collective. For example, this winter break I don't think I have lost my cool once despite being home for over a week with three kids who have been stuck at home day after day due to illness.

Personal Goal #4: Write my first book. I have put this stupid goal of mine on hold. I have the idea. I have the stuff. I need to put it all together and get it done. This is the year. Do it Coffeechug!!

Last here are just some everyday things that I plan on focusing on that are not really goals, but things I am going to try and work on a daily basis.

- Learn better ways of eating/replenishing my body for longer endurance training. I need to venture out and try some new methods to see what works best. This will be the first year that I spent a lot of time training for extended periods of time beyond an hour. I need to find my preferred system that does not make me puke, poop my pants, or have to pee all the time.

- Continue to drink more water. I do great while at school when I have no choice but my water bottles. However, at home I don't drink enough.

- Work on my hatred of toes. I hate toes, mayo, and hair. My poor wife just wants a poor foot rub every once in a while, but due to how much I hate feet it will never happen. Feet are so disgusting. Yuck. Socks and shoes are a great invention to hide such hideous appendages to the human body.

There it is, a small dose and list of things that are on my mind as I start the new year. All are achievable, trackable, and will allow me to push myself outside of my comfort while not burning myself out. 
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