Monday, January 9, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Monday Swim

I did not have time this morning to snap a picture of my workout note card. I will get those posted into Flickr tonight. This morning we had a tough workout. After swimming at the the tri swim practice yesterday I really tried to focus on my three goals for the month.

The workout for today was the following

1. 300 Warmup - I did 100's of free, kick fins and board, and pull

2. 8 x 25 Drill Set - I did 50's of 6 count, shark fin, kick on my back, and counting my strokes

3. Swim Base Interval Set of 9 x 100 - We were to swim at a moderate pace with a 5 second rest. I changed this a bit by swimming and starting at the same time each round. I timed myself and found myself swimming each set at 1:40 giving me about a 20 second rest give or take a few seconds. I was tired by the 6th set. I could feel my shoulders losing power and my legs. It was at this point where I could feel my workouts from last week catching up to me. I finished all 9 sets at the same time so I know I was at a good pace for me.

4. Swim Lactate Acid Interval - Sprint Splits of 8 x 75 with 45 second rest. This was a real deal set. This was tough. I hit each one right at 1 minute or less. I really focused on not speeding up my strokes, but keeping them long and proper. It was difficult and I am sure it was not perfect, but I did not feel like my body was going 1000 mph while picking up the pace. I was happy with pushing hard and maintaining the same time for the sets. This one pushed me mentally and physically. I had to fight hard through the last two sets.

5. Swim Kick Set 8 x 25 - I actually went 4 x 50 doing two sets with fins and a board and two sets kicking on my back working on keeping my feet at the water level. I find it almost impossible to get my feet on top of the water while on my back.

6. Swim Cool Down - 300 yds. I swam 150 yds free with fins, 50 kick with board, 50 pull, and 50 free to end the workout.

This workout was a total of 2500 yards and it was completed in 60 minutes.

This was a tough workout. I felt good about getting this done and staying dialed in to my times. My stomach was on edge last night and during this workout so I was happy I was able to push through. I think the flu that has hit my entire family hit me a little bit. I hope that this is all, but I was glad to make it through this workout without having to make an emergency exit.

A great start to the week. Happy Monday.



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