Thursday, January 12, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - Thursday Run in Snow, 18 mph winds, and windchill of -1.......LOVE IT!

Here is what posted for the weather when I came home from my run.

So may call us crazy for running outside, but I am okay with that. That is why we call ourselves the CRAZIES!

Jane and I braved the 18 mph winds and snow to run outside. We figured now was the time to begin to acclimate ourselves to the Iowa winter weather. It has finally arrived after having so many great days of weather. Crazy to think my kids have been going outside to play at recess in the middle of January.
We headed out and this was my first time really running in the snow. I started running two years ago and when winter arrived I always headed indoors for weights and power lifting. This was all new territory for me. I put on all my gear for the cold weather. I also added a layer of Nike basketball pants and a Colombia jacket for an extra layer against the wind.

To be honest I never felt cold. When we were away from the wind I actually felt a little too warm. I probably could have done with one layer less, but the wind sure was cold and that extra layer was needed when we ran into the wind.

This was not an easy run. Running into the wind and also running up snow covered hills proved to be more challenging that what I had given these elements credit for. It seemed a lot harder than normal running in the snow. This was good for my legs and my heart. It was a nice challenge for me as my training this week has been frustrating for a few reasons, primarily being me.

I am glad I braved the outdoors as it was exactly what I needed to clear my mind, get refocused, and finish this week on a good note. Thanks to Jane for braving the weather with me because had I been on a treadmill I would not have ran as far or pushed myself like I did outdoors.

The best part about running outside was seeing other runners. When it is warm you see lots of people out. When it gets cold and snowy you see only the crazy ones. It was nice to know we are not alone in our crazy thoughts. Have a great Thursday!

Here is our run workout. 6.86 miles. Actually we were probably at 7, but my Garmin watch did not sync right away so I was short a little. I forced myself to not pace the parking lot and risk hitting a snowplow to get that 7.

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