Monday, February 27, 2012

Triathlon Training - Two Weeks of the Hardest Training Schedule Yet!

This seems like a very bold statement and it is. The hardest training to date and I have already had some intense training sessions so far this year. This training has no swimming, no biking, and no running. This training is mental. All mental. So mental and so hard that I have failed miserably at this every single week.

The training is to eat clean and healthy. Simple as that. I have talked at length and all the time about eating healthy. For about 85% of my day I do a good job. However, that 15% of the rest of the day I fall apart and fall apart big time.

I have no intentions of trying to lose weight, but I think that will be a direct result as I eliminate so many unnecessary carbs of sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar.

I am going to try for two weeks to eat clean. No candy, no pop or other carbonated beverages that lead to unnecessary sugars. I am going to stay away from junk food. I need to learn how to mentally toughen up when it comes to eating. If I can take that 15% of my day that I eat really bad and convert it to eating healthy who knows how great my body will be able to train and recover.

I have chosen two weeks as a trial period. This will take me right up to departing for Jamaica. In Jamaica I will try to eat healthy,but I know that is not going to happen with all inclusive eating 24 hours. However, when I return it is serious training time for both exercise and eating.

Looking at my weight that I have tracked for over a year now it is pretty remarkable how I have slimmed down. I think by the time I get to race time I would like to be just a little slimmer for the bike and run.I have very gradually lost weight....I mean very gradually. I have no goals of losing weight. I just want to be fit and healthy.

IMG_2331This plan starts today. I wanted to start yesterday, but Amanda made her BODACIOUS chocolate chip cookies and I was not about to neglect myself of these tasty morsels. It is go time now.

Adios sour cherry balls

Adios chips and dip

Adios all my comfort foods that I graze on before I fall asleep and after school and while waiting for dinner and while waiting for the dogs to go outside and while I watch basketball..........

If you have any good recipes, snack ideas, etc. that you use I would love to try something healthy and new. The hardest part of all this is variety. I went grocery shopping Sunday and I sure felt limited when it came to eating healthy. GETTING IT DONE! just got a whole lot more difficult.
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