Friday, March 30, 2012

107 Days Remaining - Trainer Ride in Garage Last Night and Swim Workout This Morning

Yesterday I attempted my new idea of getting my bike workout in. In case you missed the idea you can read my post from yesterday. Amanda got home from her chiro and massage around 5:45. After getting rid of my lazy bug and letting my dinner and after school food binge settle I jumped on my bike. I set it up in the garage instead of outside as it was getting chilly outside. Addy was out and about on her bike keeping me company. It was nice to talk with her. She is always talking. Nonstop chatter whether to herself or others. She finally just sat in the garage and we discussed about a thousand topics. Aiden eventually came out, but he wanted nothing to do with us as he was mad I would not let him go up to his friends house. He pretty much pouted and avoided me.

The ride was tough. I cranked my resistance another notch than typical and I don't know if that made the difference or what, but I could not get going. My legs felt tired from the start. I did not feel that tired at all, but there is something about getting home and around 4:30 this body just shuts down.

I kept on pedaling hoping that the body was going to get into a groove, but it never really came until the end. I did not do any specific workout, but just shifted up to the big chain up front every 3-4 minutes to work on pushing my legs when tired. I added about 5 times where I stood up and pedaled. My HR was right where it should have been.

Towards the end of the ride everyone left me. I was alone in the garage and it was dark. I felt stupid, but I pressed on. Addy finally came back out and I told her that we could go for a short bike ride before it became super dark. She ran back inside to get ready and that helped to motivate me to push like crazy at the end to make sure we had time to ride. The last two miles I cranked it like no other. It was a nice push to end the workout. I achieved my 24 miles as planned.

Addy, Aiden, and I headed out for a short ride. It was awesome. Last year they could barely ride this little .5 route and last night they tore it up. We have plans for a longer ride this weekend. I cannot wait.

This morning I headed to the Y for my third swim workout. I was not sure about this workout. To be honest I was a little nervous. I am not sure why, but I think it was because I have not swam 500's before nor have I swam sets of this volume before.

Warmup - 400 SW(100 free, 150 kick, 150 pull)

4 x 500 DESC 1-4 with round 4 at T-Pace

I have no idea what my T-Pace is for a 500 so I just went by feel.

I did the first set nice and easy @ 9:10. This was super easy and I had a hard time staying on top of the water.

Second set was a mess. My goggles were leaking like no other so I had to stop after 8 laps, fix them, and then start again. I don't have a very accurate time, but I know I was faster so with my watch times I am going to go with 9:00 even.

Set three was faster @ 8:29. This still felt good, but I could tell my body was slowing starting to tire a little. Overall, this felt like a pace I could maintain for a longer distance.

Set four I wanted to get under 8 minutes. At 250 I was exactly at 4:00. I did not allow myself to look at my watch again, but just pushed based on feel and tried to keep swimming hard. I was happy to see 7:50 as my time. I was tired. Not gassed, but tired. I don't think I could have kept that pace much longer though.

To finish I had 16 x 25 on the :40
I was to swim the odds at 12.5 easy, 12.5 fast and the evens fast. I just decided to swim fast for them all. I did not wait for the :40 mark either. As soon as I finished I gave myself a :20 sec rest and took off again. This was a great finisher.

My times continued to get faster - 19, 19, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 18, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17, 16

I was at :18 and wanted to get 17. I pushed harder while not ruining my form. I really extended and pulled the water. I soon hit 17 and wanted 16, but just could not get it. I tried less breathing only breathing two times and that was what put me at 17 to begin with. I could not go with less air. Finally, on my last set I just went all out. I kicked like crazy and hit 16. I was dead, but it felt great hitting that goal.

Overall, a great morning swim. It was just what I needed. I have another ride tonight, long run with some amazing people tomorrow and a long bike ride. This will give me Sunday off for a rest day which I have not had in a while.
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