Tuesday, March 6, 2012

131 Days - Tuesday Run With FAST CRAZIES!! - A new CRAZIES Run Record

BOOM! and Tritt was off ready to embark on a fast pace run this morning. We had a great group of runners this morning. The group continues to grow and that is awesome. Today we Chad, Katie, Jane, Nick, John, Brian, and our newest running mate Jay. We took off at a much faster clip than normal, but if felt good. The temp was a little warmer than usual so that always helps. You can see the data below that we were moving. We finished the last mile in 7:24 and that is great.

We wrapped up the run and you could tell that we are very pleased with the run. I had to go back and look being the data nerd that I am to see if this was our fastest run. Indeed it was. I checked back to December when the running group idea first formed and only two runs were close. One was a run by myself over winter when I ran a 7:45 pace. I remember really pushing and feeling like I was going all out on this run. This run does not count as it was solo and not technically a CRAZIES run.

Solo Run over Winter Break @ 7:45

For our CRAZIES this was our fastest CR(CRAZIES RECORD). It was a few weeks back when we ran a 7:52 pace.

CRAZIES Fast Run - 6.5 @ 7:52 pace

Today we knocked off 4 seconds off that pace. The best part was that the run did not feel difficult. I was breathing heavy at the end, but within 30 seconds I was back feeling normal. This was a great run mentally. I woke up very sore from basketball Sunday. My hamstrings are still a little tight from the swim, but once I got into stride I felt great. I need to really hydrate today because I have to get in a bike workout after neglecting the ride last night. I was just too tired.

AWESOME Run CRAZIES. We truly stepped up and GOT IT DONE! bright and early and tackled another notch in our 6 B4 6.

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