Wednesday, April 4, 2012

102 Days Remaining Part 2: Meeting LU Members and Late Night Ride

Wednesday was a busy day. After getting in some Yasso 800's and a good swim workout this morning I tried to make sure that I was doing my duty as Road Coach for the Live Uncommon Revolution. I was asked to help out with some awesome people out at Vanderveer Park at 6 pm. I had my kids and decided to go ahead, bring them, and see what I could do.

To be honest I was not sure who exactly I was looking for. I knew that five LU members showed up last week and therefore I was in pursuit of a small group of people. When I arrived I walked in the wrong direction so by the time I walked all the way around the park Amy and Nicole were already well on their way in their training. I did not want to disrupt their running so we just casually said hi and on they went. I know how it is when you are in the middle of a workout. I hate stopping and trying to get going again.

While they ran I kept looking for other Live Uncommon shirts, but did not see any. My kids and I just hung out and had a lot of fun. When Amy and Nicole were towards the end of their workout we were able to meet up and talk. These two ladies are awesome! They were out there pushing themselves and putting themselves in uncharted territory(The Pathless Path) by doing sprints and things they don't normally do. They did not need my help. They had each other. They had themselves and the were kicking butt.

It was great to meet up with some more LU Revolution people. I have met so many already through the morning runs and the Saturday runs. It is great to get a chance to speak with others. Amy and Nicole are going to hit their goals this year because tonight they were GETTING IT DONE!

After leaving the park and heading home I still had to get in a bike ride. Around 8:30 when the kids finally crashed and Amanda went to bed(she is sick and battling a cold) I made my way to the basement to ride. I really just wanted to go to bed. I put a movie on my Mac(Horrible Bosses) and started my ride. My goal was to push my legs by working a cadence of over 80 and shifting my gears from medium to difficult to tax the legs. I need to learn to work through the fatigue. It is mental. I pulled a Curt S. and when I knew my wall was coming up I just cranked it out as hard as I could and pushed past the barrier. I ended up with a good ride.

Time for my nightly PB&J sandwich and glass of milk before hitting the pillow. Up and at 'em tomorrow morning for another run..
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