Friday, April 27, 2012

79 Days Remaining - 3rd Big Swim Workout of the Week

I woke up tired this morning. I did not want to get out of bed. The track workout and the tough bike workout yesterday left my body tired. This whole week has been nonstop with 1000 things to do. I crashed early falling asleep around 8:45 - 9:00 amidst my wife talking to me(that is the 2nd time this week and I do apologize to is not on purpose).

I made my way to the Y trying to muster some motivation to get going. I entered the pool and my shoulders were still quite sore from the last two swim workouts. Usually, I loosen up right away, but today it took way longer than normal.

400 Free - I swam slow and easy. I did not 150 free, 50 kicks on back and repeated this twice. Time was 9:08

200 Kick with fin and board in 4:41. Legs were tired and dragging low in the water.

400 Pull in 7:12. Started to finally loosen up about halfway through this set. My legs were shot and my upper body was feeling the effects for sure.

Main Set

4 x 250 with 30 sec RI - 4:19, 4:18, 4:13, 4:16
Despite being tired and my legs dragging in the water I still put up some decent times. This was far from an all out effort, but more of a pace that I could sustain for over a mile. I felt good during these cardio wise while my body was slowly getting back into routine

2 x 500 - I started off on the first set ready to go. I decided about 200 yards into the swim to just go for it and go straight through for a 1000 yard swim instead. I did not break and decided to mentally challenge myself on a day I was not feeling up to a challenge. This was good for me. I finished in exactly 17:00 minutes. I will be happy with this pace come race day. This will give me a decent swim time and leaving me fresh for the bike.

Cool Down

I had to really force myself to do the cool down. I was tired, but why not finish off a good workout. 300 yard cool down. 150 kick with fins followed by 100 swim with fins, 50 pull buoys.

Total Yardage: 3300 yards
Total Swim: 60 minutes

Bike ride tonight and then up bright an early to get in my big bike workout of the week. I am going to split the long ride up by doing some brick workouts so I can work on running off the bike. Should be a nice long power sesssion of about 3 hours of work when all is said and done. Should be fun.
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