Thursday, April 12, 2012

94 Days Remaining - 6B46 CRAZIES in the nice cold temps

Alright, I am ready for the weather to break. This week I have stayed stubborn and continued to run in shorts with no hats or gloves. The run this morning left my hands frozen and I really think my thumbs were frozen to the bone. However, once I got moving the body warmed up except for my hands.

We had another great group this morning ready to rock. We ran our typical route this morning. I kept my pace nice and easy for most of this run. My body was a little sore and tired from the 800's yesterday and the bike workout the night prior to the 800's. I decided not to push too hard. I keep reading all these articles that I feel are giving me a sign as I have now read at least three articles without search that discusses running at a slow easy pace to work on the aerobic engine. The research shows that running slow helps the body learn to burn energy from the fat stores compared to carbs and glycogen stores. I have a hard time running slow. I hate it. I really do. However, I would like to train my body to use my fat and not just carbs/glycogen because this could contribute to GI issues when I hit the run portion of my tri race(especially the half Ironman race).

I felt like I was running slow today. I know that perhaps this is not really "slow", but I could not run slower mentally. I did push a little bit towards the end and that was just because I wanted to run with the group. It did feel nice to loosen my body up during those first three miles. My body was not ready to be pushed. I had some aches in my knees and left foot again. I will be heading to Kaminski today to take care of some issues and I am ordering another pair of shoes because I really think that this is what is causing my foot problems.

Here are the splits. Not too bad the last three and they all felt easy.

I have a bike workout tonight, swim tomorrow, and then big run and ride this weekend. I am on track to doing well. I need to start thinking about how to taper for my Olypmic distance tri on May 20th. I need to have my plan in place soon so I can prep for this. I started looking for hotels and this made me realize how close this race is and has me nervous. Not nervous about my fitness, but nervous about the unknown of my first outdoor tri, the logistics, what to pack, still trying to figure out how to replenish my body when the only thing that does not bother my gut so far is GU gel, getting out of my wetsuit, swimming in my wetsuit...........

Yes, my mind is racing.

I will be ready. I know I will, but the mind is going in circles now.

Great job everyone this morning. These runs are so great to talk, be surrounded by great people, and energize my mind and body for the day.
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