Wednesday, May 30, 2012

47 Days Remaining - Tuesday 6B46 and Open Wate Swim with Snakes

Woke up early Tuesday morning to meet up with the CRAZIES at 5 am. I know it is summer time, but it was not too bad getting up early to run. The mornings are perfect at this time. We had a nice group of runners of about 9 to start.

 We moved at a pretty good clip this morning. My legs were tired from the 48 mile ride the day before, but as I continue to run they did start to loosen up. I could tell that my quads were not fully recharged, but it felt good to get this run in and to pick up the pace a little bit after struggling on the run last weekend.

After the run I headed home and talked with Chad and we headed out for an open water swim around 7:30. It was a beautiful morning for a swim. We got a good little swim workout in about an hour. I always feel terrible the first time I jump in the water. I don't know if it is the confinement of the wetsuit and the lack of clarity in the water that makes my heart rate skyrocket and I just cannot get in a groove. After the warmup I felt much better.

Here is what I swam
Swimming is based purely on time so this could be off either way.

Total Swim Time: 36:05

100 @ 1:35
150 @ 2:14

600 yards @ 10:06
600 yards @ 10:19 (I felt I was swimming faster this round compared to the first round, but who knows)

100 @ 1:24
100 @ 1:25

350 @ 5:47
200 @ 3:13

Total Yardage(guess based on time): 2200 yards

I was getting ready to head out for another circuit and as I prepared to take off I saw something in the water and froze. It was a snake. It was so gross. That freaked me out a little bit. We let it just swim on by and it was not bothered by us at all. I thought that was it for snakes, but after we finished I must have walked over another little snake because as Chad got out he saw this little guy.


The one I saw earlier was about twice the size. Sorry Jeff! I know I freaked you out talking about these guys last night, but now you have some swimming partners.
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