Sunday, May 27, 2012

49 Days Remaining - First Ride On Cervelo = Flat Tire and Crash

I woke up this morning excited and ready to ride my bike. I texted Chad and he was going to ride part of my 48 mile bike ride this morning. I was looking forward to breaking in my new sweet ride. I got up and placed all my nutrition and water on the bike as it was already quite humid and warm at 6 am.


Chad arrived around 6:45 and we headed out. The bike felt great. I really enjoyed how smooth the riding and handling of the bike feels compared to Boris.

And then the fun began.........

As we made our way out to Forest Grove my bike started to make this terrible rattling noise. I started checking my aerobars, brakes, handlebars, etc. I could not figure it out. I then decided to check my tire and my front tire looked like it was going flat.

Of course at this point we are going down a slight downhill. I told Chad I was going to stop and check out my bike and started to slow down when my bike slid out from under me.

I could not get unclipped so I went down with the bike.

I hit a curb and bounced right into grass so I was fine except for my shin is a little sore. The problem lies in my bike.


My chain is messed up in terms of being mixed in with this part seen in the picture above.

I also scratched up my crankset as well. I can't tell if it is bent or not, but decided to err on the side of caution and not ride it until I get it into the bike shop.

Thank goodness for Chad. He rode back to my house, grabbed my car and drove out to help me load up the bike.

So, I guess today is going to be a rest day as I will not be riding as planned. I am frustrated to say the least. However, I do believe things happen for a reason so I tell myself that this happened for a reason. Perhaps my body needed the rest today and not tomorrow. Perhaps I needed to crash to give Amanda something to chuckle about this morning when she said, "You have to admit that seeing something as big as you crash had to have been entertaining!"

Quite a few cars did stop and ask if I needed anything so that was a good reminder of how thoughtful people can be.

I guess the bike has some battle scars already and it is slowly earning its stripes. Two miles in and the fun has already begun.

Let the day begin......
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