Saturday, May 12, 2012

64 Days Remaining - Bike, First Open Water Swim, and Half Marathon Tomorrow

Well, it was not planned to be such a big day. I slept in until 6:30 and it felt great to get some extra shut eye and actually sleep through the night after a long week with a sick kid.

Ava plopped down for a nap this afternoon after being dragged to gymnastics and to Augustana College so I could register for the QCDC tomorrow. After a big lunch she was down and out and I plunged down on the bike to get in my third bike workout of the week. My plan called for 38 miles with 5 x 5 miles at race pace. I decided to dial in just below race pace effort and maintain this pace for the entire ride. I finished Avatar and browsed on Netflix to provide some entertainment.

I completed my workout feeling pretty good. Quads were tired, but they were back to feeling normal very quickly when I was done. I quickly ate some food because I knew I would be open water swimming with Jeff.

Being the idiot that I am, I completely went against the directions and my gut instinct, took a wrong turn and decided that he must be at a different lake. To make a long story short I took the extra long way of driving to West Lake when I needed to be at Huntington Lake. A 15 minute drive turned into a 60 minute drive. I was able to finally get there and get some good time in my wetsuit and open water.

My first lap in the lake I could not get my heart rate calmed down. My heart was beating like crazy and I just could not get it regulated. I did not feel stressed or anxious, but due to my heart and heavy breathing I was not able to get relaxed. I was all over the place as well.

We took off for a longer swim next and I was able to stay calm. It is so much different than a pool. I felt good in the water despite zig zagging all over. I would look and be to the left of where I should be and then next time be way right. Towards the end I had it dialed in better.

I need to work on my sighting more. I tend to bring my whole head up and when I do I stop swimming completely which just kills momentum. I worked on just looking forward about every other stroke while keeping momentum. I was slowly getting it figure out. Thanks to Jeff for patiently waiting and helping me in the water.

After the swim I made it home with some cake for Ava for her birthday from Wednesday that she could not eat due to being sick and a Mother's Day cake for Amanda. Cake and ice cream are the keys to running fast in races in case you didn't know.

I am off to bed to rest up for tomorrow. I have been drinking a ton of water as my hamstring cramped in the lake today. This hamstring has now cramped four days in a row. I hope it does not cramp tomorrow.

Today was a good day. Busy, but good. Despite not being able to have Ava's birthday party we were still able to have a great day.

Off to the races tomorrow.
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