Thursday, June 28, 2012

17 Days Remaining - 6B46

I think this was most I have sweated during a run in a long time. This morning it is around 73 degrees with 80% humidity so it was not terrible, but probably the warmest morning we have had yet during our runs. I just sweated profusely.

It was a good run. This was to be one of two runs today. I wanted to run this morning and again at Bix @ 6, but it looks like that has been cancelled due to the heat. I am not sure what I will do. My legs are tired and my feet hurt again. I have the flattest feet ever and the Dr. Walden told me that my nerves just all clumped together from my training. It was a bit more scientific than that, but that is how I understand it. I am hoping to get in today to have him work it out.

This morning it was Jay, Emily, and myself. We took the run pretty easy to start. It took some time for my legs to wake up.

Around mile 4 Jay had to hit up a bathroom and I was on my own. Emily was a little bit behind me. I decided that there is a chance I might not get another run in today so I opted to push my body a little bit. I decided to crank my cadence and test my body. This has to be a big week for my running. My running has fallen to the wayside lately. Talking with Jay afterwards we were both talking about how when we started this training our running was our strong suit and our area of confidence. Now, running has become my weakest part and one that I struggle with most mentally. I wanted to remind myself that I can push it when tired. I picked up the pace and you can see I was around 7:22 on mile 5 with most of the second half of that mile around 7:00 mile pace. Mile 6 I ran sub 7:00. It felt good. It felt good to see the numbers under 7.

I taper my running next week which seems weird as I have not been putting in a lot of miles running which is maybe why my running feels like it is struggling. My running takes a two week taper and my swimming and biking only one week.

This was a good run. I just need to figure out what to do now that the Bix @ 6 is cancelled.
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