Tuesday, June 26, 2012

19 Days Remaining - I Can't Walk Normal Because...

I just took my body to its limit and back.

I woke up at 4 am this morning and headed out to run to the Y to meet the CRAZIES at 5am. I decided these next two weeks I really need to get my confidence back in my running because since the brick run attempt last week I have been quite hard on myself and really doubted what I can do.

At 4:36 I headed out by running to the Y. I ran nice and slow to just regain my sense of running and letting my body get used to moving again after four days off and destruction.

I made it to the Y and was joined by Emily, Jen, Chad, Ben, and Brian. We headed out on our normal loop. Ben, Chad, and Brian eventually broke away at a faster clip, but I knew it would be stupid to try and keep up. I held on at a good pace and as we made our way back to Crow Creek I took a right and headed back home. This would give me 9 miles instead of the 10 I was planning on, but  my legs were getting tight and my hip was starting to flare up a little bit. I would be happy if I could keep this average

After this run I ate some breakfast and went back to bed since all was quiet in the house. I woke back up around 8 am as Amanda was leaving and ate a little bit more before sending the kids off to park board and daycare for the day. They go one day a week to keep routine at the daycare they go to all year. It also helps Ava remember the place and the people so she does not freak out come school time.

 Around 9:15 I started to get ready for my bike ride. I have a 66 mile bike ride on the schedule for today and knew today would be the perfect day to get this done as nobody was home. Yes, I really wanted to just sit on my deck and read all day and do nothing but listen to Dave Matthews(especially the concerts I just attended), however, that would not help get ready.

I headed out with somewhat tired legs. The sun was out, but not too hot early on and the wind was decent. After about 10-15 miles I really loosened up and my legs felt great. I decided to take a new path. I headed down Utica Ridge(the road that destroys me when I have to ride home) and decided to jump on some new roads and explore.

I headed out towards Park View and rode through Scott County Park. I have never been in the park before and it was awesome riding through the park. I was flying on the roads until I exited on St. Anne's road. I continued on this road all the way out until the end and decided to try and find the Wapsi. I eventually found the Wapsi Environmental Center, but could not reach it due to the gravel road that brings you in so I rode through Dixon and kept on until I hit mile 33. I stopped on the side of the road, ate a Bonk Breaker bar and headed home.

Sure enough the wind was a battle most of the ride back. It must have changed direction because I thought for sure this route would be wind friendly as I rode in a different direction. I was able to keep on and felt good until the late 40's where I slowly started to lose my mental edge.

Around mile 50 I knew I only had 16 miles left and just wanted to see my time at mile 56 which is race distance. I hit mile 56 in 2:41. Looking at race times from last year I want to ride faster than this. I would like to be around 2:35, but I have to remind myself to race my race and not get caught up in results(but it sure is hard not too!!)

Mile 58 I hit my wall. I was out of water, out of food, out of GU, and out of mental toughness. I just wanted to quit, but when you are on the bike you have no choice but to keep pedaling. I love this comment from Emily who left this on my DailyMile account last week when I struggled.

Only people who travel on two wheels understand the horrors of birds and wind. I find that cool about biking though, the wind will be blowing so hard and you can get angry, yell, curse at it, but there's really nothing to do but keep pedaling. Forces one to keep working cuz there's no one else to hear complaints or care but you and your bike. I think it's cool!..after of course :)

This comment resonated with me at this point. I knew I just had to keep working. I knew that the more I pedaled the closer to home I would be. I won't lie I struggled really bad until mile 62 when I hit landmarks that I recognized as being close to home. A the 53rd intersection I pulled up next to Donna and her daughter so it was cool to chat at the light. I was also pulled up by a car along the country roads and that scared me. This guy just crept up and I kept looking forward, but eventually I had to look his way and he needed directions. I am the wrong person to give directions. I hope I did not get him lost.

In the end I survived and the last mile I felt so proud of this ride. I rode through the ups and downs and know that I can overcome the mental obstacles.

I won't lie. My legs are dead. I can barely walk. My quads and absolutely fried and it hurts like something else to go up and down stairs. I came home ate grilled chicken, yogurt, raspberries, and some chips along with major cups of water before laying in bed in a heap of mess. I slept for about an hour and barely made it out of bed.

I look forward to swimming tomorrow.

Today I put in over 4 hours of training. I am breaking this body down to get it ready for Racine. I will be ready. I will ensure that this mind and body is at full throttle come July 15th. Today was a day to test the limits and move those barriers back a bit.

I know I need more nutrition. I did not have time to make the rice cakes mentioned by Carsen, but here is what I had and I know I need more.

1 30 ounces water and GU Roctane powder
1 Bonk Breaker
1 20+ ounces of water
1 GU gel
4 GU chomps

I need more liquid on these hot days and more real food. I will try the rice cakes on my next ride.
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