Saturday, July 7, 2012

8 Days Remaining - Big WORKOUT Yesterday and HOT MORNING RUN!

Did not have a chance to post my training yesterday. Here is a quick recap of yesterday and the hot run this morning.

I had intentions of swimming at 5 am and then riding afterwards, but after another terrible night of sleep I did not get out of bed until 5:30. I started my swim at 6:15 am. I had my biggest swim workout to date.

100 Free @ 1:51
100 Pull @ 1:52
100 Kick @ 1:59

Main Set

2500 yard swim @ 47:39 - I will be honest in that I am not happy with this time. I took my split at 2200 yards and it was 41:45. This is too slow. I really thought I was swimming much faster. I did lose count on my laps three times so perhaps I swam more than a 100 laps. Regardless, I know I can swim faster. For race day I need to be sure to gradually pick up the pace once I get into a calm rhythm.

1200 yard paddle @ 18:17 - This really taxed my arms and shoulders. This was a good workout.

Total Swim Time - 1:14
Total Yards - 4000 yards

Later in the day I headed down to my basement for a trainer ride. I had a 3 x 11 mile interval workout. I decided going out in the 100+ heat would not lead to a good workout so I kept to the indoors. I watched the first part of the latest Transformers(not sure of what was all going on as I have not seen the first two).

I was cruising on the first interval with an average pace of 25. I then picked up the pace for the second interval to test my mental stamina and was cruising at 28. The last interval I tried to maintain and was happy to see the 27.5 pace.

I tested eating solid food again. This time I went with my main staple food choice: peanut butter and jelly. This worked well. I think if I choose to eat this during the race I will eat it early on the bike to give it time to digest. I also drank GU ROCTANE which really worked well again for me. I will plan to use both next Sunday along with water. I will save the GU gel and pop for the run.

After the bike I jumped outside for a brick run. I ran two miles in the blazing heat. The first mile I felt great. I was surprised at how great I felt. By the second mile I felt like crap. I was superhot and my stomach started to hurt. I was able to maintain, but I sure hope it is not this hot next weekend.

This morning I was up at 4:00 eating my waffles and coffee getting ready for the 4:30 am run. It was weird to think that this is my last long run before my race. I only had 8 miles to get in as my run taper started this week. Even though we were up early it was stupid humid and hot. I could not believe it. I sweated something nasty.

I love getting up early to run with this amazing group of people. John B., Curt, Rick, Emily, John O, Jen were all ready to rock this morning. At 6 we were met by Phil and Anne. Running with these people is just motivation in and of itself. The stories of their training, what they are learning, the obstacles they overcome, and just being able to take it all in is worth getting up at 4:30. Leaving the group after my 8 miles made me more ready for my race than ever before. It was a great morning despite the humid air.

I have one major workout left for the week and then the official taper begins. Hard to believe that 180+ days have gone by and here I am staring my race in the face.

Stay cool today.
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