Friday, July 27, 2012

Biggest Swim Workout To Date - 4500 yards

This was the most I have ever spent in a pool. This was a lot of swimming. I started around 6 am to allow myself to sleep in bit. This was my only workout for the day to give my body time to rest for the Bix.

Here is what I did and I was quite proud of this workout.

200 free @ 3:45
200 pull @ 3:43
200 kick @ 4:05
Total 11:35

Main Set
2500 yard swim. I finally became smart and switched my watch to run mode and recorded each 100 yard swim. This allowed me to not worry about keeping count. I felt good the whole swim until about the last 600 yards. Then I started to get tired, but I held on to finish at a consistent pace. With one last 100 to go a guy was waiting to share my lane and when I hit the wall he tapped my shoulder and I about pooped my pants. It scared me to death as I was just focused with finishing strong. Needless to say I had a huge adrenaline surge the last 2 minutes of swimming.

Time: 48:20 with average 100 of 1:51

Main Set #2

I was tired and was not sure if I would be able to finish this workout as I did not want to overdo it and be wiped out for the Bix tomorrow. So, I had scheduled 1200 yards with paddles. I decided to give my legs a break and used paddles with the pull buoy. This was a great upper body workout. Whew!

1200 yards with paddles and pull buoy @ 21:28

Cool Down 200 kick with board @ 4:10

Total Yards: 4500
Total Time: 1:25:33

I saw a lot of people come and go in the pool. Now it is on to painting, staining, cleaning, and finally watching the kids run the Bix tonight. Happy Friday to all.

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