Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things I Have Learned From My First 70.3 Ironman Part 1

I wrote this on Tuesday before leaving for Wisconsin Dells. I never finished my thoughts so I have broken this up into two parts. Part 2 will post in a day or two.

It has been a few days since 70.3 Ironman Racine. I have spent the better half of the last 48 hours post race replaying the race in my mind and thinking about what I could have changed. So, since the race I decided that I better start to get my thoughts down so I don't forget them. I know I have already forgetten many important thoughts and questions so let me get right down to it.

1. I am amazed by how good I feel after this race and especially after the way my body shut down. I am sore only in my lower legs, feet and my shoulders. I feel rested and back to strength despite these sore spots.

2. I know I was physically capable of tearing up this race as my recovery tells me so. As I have already stated I .....

3. Need to really study and discover how to fuel properly for a race of this size. I thought I had a good plan and it failed miserably when the race separates the strong from the weak. I fell to the weak side as my body crumpled on itself.

4. I need to record more in my daily journals. I need to include my mood, HR at wake up, weight loss during workouts to study my sweat rate, and be more precise in what I observe about my training.

5. I have to train in the sun and heat. I need to acclimate my body to these types of factors.

6. I have to learn to use more electrolytes, salt tabs, etc. while training. I don't utilize these enough. I need to....

7. Develop training sessions that force to nourish my body properly. Brick workouts are a must.

8. I believe that I can swim a bit faster without expending a lot more energy.

9. I need to get back to swim class to improve my swim stroke and technique. I have gotten away from two amazing coaches who have helped me tremendously get to this point of fitness.

10. Add water bottle cages to the back of my bike to hold more water bottles. I am a huge sweater so I need more fluid available.

11. I am stubborn.

I am off for the waterparks of Wisconsin Dells. I will conclude my other thoughts when I have a chance.
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