Monday, August 20, 2012

First Lego League: Senior Solutions Is About To Begin!

I love Robotics.

I love Legos.

So, it is only natural that I coach First Lego League.

Today I saw some blog posts from a few teams that have received their boards.

I can only say that I am excited to see this board. From what little I have been able to see I am excited for this board and a new set of challenges.

Our team will meet up for the first time next week. This will be the first time the whole team will be together since our Lego camp this summer. We will be figuring out a practice schedule and getting underway.

I will be using my new education blog to keep people updated on our journey this year. My goal is to be more current and keep people in the loop.

Here is to a new season and another journey of learning.

Here is our wiki page -
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