Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday Weights(I am WEAK!) and Tuesday Run

Monday I began my plans to get back to good health, fitness, and eating. I woke up with plans to swim, but I was really not in the mood at all to hit the pool. So.....I decided to enter the weight room and test out my new goals of lifting. I still don't have any sort of endurance training weight lifting plan, but I decided to work my upper body a bit and just get back in the flow.

I almost felt intimidated by the weights. It has easily been close to a year since I lifted. I used to be die hard and at one point had put on some lbs. of muscle. With my endurance training this just proves too much extra weight to carry. I am already big for these races. However, one thing I need to improve is my muscle strength so I can ride, swim, and run faster. This is my winter goal.

Today my arms were shaking during the first set of bench. Here is what I did. I am not mentioning the weight I attempted to toss around as it was pathetic compared to my days of several plates and feeling manly in the weight room. Today I felt pathetic.

Bench - 2 x 10
Incline DB Press - 2 x 10
Shoulder Press DB - 2 x 10
Arm Curls - 3 x 10
Lying Tri Extensions - 2 x 10
One Arm Cable Lat Raise - 2 x 5
Overhead DB Raise - 2 x 10
A few pushups to push the body over the brink.

Needless to say I was sore the rest of the day. What a wake-up call. Time for me to piece together a plan.

Today(Tuesday) I got up to run. I need to get back into running again. My plan calls for some serious running, but mentally I am just not there yet. I put on my HR monitor to ensure that I stayed below 155 HR, but trying to hover between 149-155. This only means that running has to be downgraded to a slower pace. It was nice having Curt and Emily to run with as they are very laid back and agreed to run slow with me. With my allergies and wheezing I think my HR was higher than normal compared to not having my allergies flare up. This run was a nice easy run and perfect for me getting back in the swing of things. No need to wear myself out and burn out right away. As you can see our times were slow, but it was enjoyable to talk about life and Legos.

My upper body is beyond sore. My tris hurt like I have knives sticking in them. I can say it felt good to get back into running again. I don't know if I am ready to jump back on the bike yet, but I know I need to just for maintenance. I need to run again tomorrow as the plan calls for 10 miles. I also want to get in a swim so who knows how things will work out with the crazy Maurer schedule. I swear there is something going on until 8 pm every night this week.

I am back. Still working on the eating. I am eating great at school, but that darn nighttime block of snacking is killing me. I know I am on the right track as the junk is slowly not starting to taste good.
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