Sunday, September 16, 2012

Coffeechug's Lego Imagination Contest #1 - Halloween

The Lego Building Challenge has been an awesome success with many students and teachers begging for their turn to build something with the 20 pieces. We all must be patient as it makes the rounds to the next person in line.

Thinking about all of you who so impatiently are awaiting the bag of goodies I have decided to unfold another Lego challenge. I will be bringing in some random Lego pieces to my office, but this challenge is more for anyone who already has Legos and looking for some inspiration to be creative.

Here is the rules and topic for Challenge #1

Get your Legos out, it's time for Coffeechug's Lego Imagination Contest Challenge #1

You have a little over one month to complete this project and send me the photo of your finished creation.  Your creation needs to be just that, your OWN creation.

This must come from your own imagination. I don't want any kits or purchased type sets for this. You can use any Lego pieces that you want, but you must design it yourself. Make it as a simple and easy as you want or as hard and complex.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Remember, send your photo to me by Friday, October 26th.

I am giving a lot of time for this first challenge so word can spread.

Submit your photos of your designs to

Please include
  • Your name
  • Your grade level/age
  • A title if you have one for your build
If you attend BMS or any Bettendorf elementary school and you want to bring your creation in I will display them in one of the display cases.

I want this to be EPIC. LEGO EPIC.

I will begin building myself. I will need to step up my building game.

Here we go!
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