Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ironman Training Day 11: Bike Strength Assessment

Preseason Week 2: Bike Assessment
Day 11: Bike Strength Assessment

Another day on the bike. I had to go back to back due to not training on Monday. Today called or another 60 minute ride. 60 minutes works perfect in my morning allowing me time to get my AdvoCare product in me and giving me time to train before starting my day.

Today called for

2 x 9( 3 minute rest interval between) at about 70-75%/Zone 2-3

The first set I had to go 3' intervals as 90/100/110 rpms

The second set I had to go 3' as 90/80/70 rpms

My focus was to assess my comfort zones at these different cadence levels. I knew going into this where I would, but it helped to actually gauge five levels and actually think about it.

You can see from the data that my HR picked up each time I increased from 90/100/110 with my HR picking up from 123 @ 90, 143 @ 100, 154 @ 110. I hate riding with high cadence. I find it uncomfortable and not enjoyable. I like to grind and as a result you can see the second set went better(well I think it did). At 90 my HR was at 137, 80 cadence my HR was 137, and at 70 cadence my HR was 137. But I maintained a steady HR while in lower gears.

I know I need to work on higher cadence. This will be something to focus on during the winter for sure.

Another good session and put me in the right frame of mind where I am thinking about my workouts. Before I would just do a workout and move on. Now, I am actually making connections with the data. I don't know what it all quite means yet, but at least I have the ball rolling.

Have a great day!

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