Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ironman Training Day 3 and 4: Rest and Ride

I did not workout yesterday. I had a bike workout scheduled, but decided not to ride. I woke up tired. I went to bed the night before tired. I opted to just rest and not force things. I have a long journey ahead of me and there is no reason to begin by pushing the body when it is not ready.

My body is undergoing some changes which makes things a challenge. As I work on cutting back on caffeine and a lot of the junk food(except after school!!!) my body is hitting several walls a day. It will take some time for the body to get back on track with being healthy and not relying on junk to get through my day.

I have decided to tackle a 10 day cleanse using Advocare. I ordered the goods last night and will begin this cleanse when the products arrive. I think this will help me focus and jump start my train of thought to forming good habits.

I thought about riding last night when I finished up school work around 9 pm, but decided to just call it a day and be happy with decision. It was a good decision as I was able to actually talk to Amanda for the first time this week. I cannot believe how busy life gets. I feel like we just brush past each other as we tutor, coach, hand off kids, take kid here, take kid there, etc.

I woke up this morning ready to go. I took some Advocare Catalyst and a bottle of water and jumped on the bike. I have not been on the bike in a long time.

This morning I completed the next ride workout. It called for a 60 minute ride with 2 x 8 minute intervals with 2 minutes at 60 cadence and 2 minutes at 80 cadence. The goal of this workout is strength and therefore I was performing at a Level 2/3 during 80 cadence.

About 10 minutes into the ride my butt started to hurt. I am going to have to start over with building up my seat tolerance. I did not feel too bad on the bike, but 60 minutes felt like a long time. I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix about happiness. It provided some food for thought, but did not do much to pass the time quickly.

Tomorrow I head to the pool to complete the workout from Monday that I was supposed to do.

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