Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ironman Training - Day 8 & 9 - Rest and Run

Preseason Week 2
Monday: Rest due to horrible night of sleep

The plan was to swim on Monday, but I opted to take the day off. Amanda and I were up all night with Ava who was just having one of those nights. Not sure what was all going on, but she was not happy. I decided to let the body rest and not push it on such little sleep.

Tuesday: 40 Minute Run
Zone 1 - Zone 2 with focus on strides going uphill and downhill

Today I met up at the Y with Chad, Brian, and Curt. It was great running with people again. They all agreed to run along with me. I had a 40 minute run planned. I was up and ready to go with my AdvoCare supplements. The run is starting to come around. We ran at a nice leisure pace, but it was already about 45 seconds faster from when I ran last week. We headed out for 20 minutes and turned back around.

My Garmin watch is starting to not work. It quit running for about 30 seconds before starting up again. It has been through a lot the last three years so I know that I need to start looking for a new one. I will hold out as long as I can for now.

Slowly getting back in the swing of things. With the 10 Day AdvoCare Cleanse and training I hope that my body will be back to normal soon.

Have a great day and continue working hard to GETTING IT DONE

P.S. if you did not see my previous blog post, then you have to check it out. A student of mine created an EPIC Theme Song for me and my other YouTube series titled, "Nerd Factory". Be sure to check it out.

Here is the link: http://youtu.be/QRM6uEftfeU
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