Monday, October 29, 2012

Out Season Training Begins - Bike Test From......

Today I begin my Out Season training plan. The four weeks was the preseason and in reality it was not much of any season. I fell apart mentally. I jumped in hoping I would mentally get prepped and primed, but it never happened. As I stated in the video I posted earlier, I flipped the switch this weekend after gathering with some amazing people who either paced or ran Leadville. It was just what I needed.

This morning I had the bike test.

WU: 15' easy, include 4 x 30" Spinups. 3 x 1' (1') Hard, to get your heart rate up and work up a sweat.
 MS: Then time trial 40' Hard-Very Hard, as if racing. Take average heart rate for the test. This is your LTHR.
CD: Easy spin.

I was nervous to do this test this morning. I know I am not in the best shape. I know numbers don't lie so I realized doing this test makes things real.

I felt great afterwards. It was good to challenge my mental toughness. I wanted to stop at the 25 minute mark. My legs were shot. The key to this was to keep a stable pace and not shoot up and down. I think I could have pushed maybe a tad harder, but my legs were shot when I finished. This is a good start to the season.

I also weighed myself this morning as I have done for about 1.5 years. Sad to say that I weighed in at the most I have ever weighed since I started charting once a week back in June of 2011. It is time to get things under control.

All those small details I have let slip over the last few months are catching up. Just like taking care of all those small details lead to success.

The key today will be staying awake! I am tired and have a long day ahead of me.

Rest tomorrow and then a run test on Wednesday. That should prove interesting!

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