Friday, October 19, 2012


Late last night when I thought all was lost I was surprised to find one still alive. I thought it was a lost cause to be honest and the reason I pulled the live feed Thursday night. As I was cleaning the incubator I heard a noise and so far one has hatched and held strong to give us hope.

We have several more in another incubator and that one has had huge success as you will see in the video.

Check out the video. I have the live feed up and running. I just got things back up this morning before school. I will create a better live feed this evening when I have time to rig a camera to the brooder so I am not recording video through the plastic tub.

There is sound in case you want to hear the chirping.

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Here is a slideshow of photos up until this point in time.

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resah2 said...

That was incredible! Thanks so much for sharing.

Ryan Harris and family