Friday, November 30, 2012

NERD ALERT: Insights and Random Notes from the Notepads of Coffeechug

photo.JPGI have been working on gathering and organizing all my notes. I have notes by the notepads all over. At least 10 notepads completely full of notes, links, websites, books, etc. I am attempting to declutter my life and getting organized not only in my home, but also in my nerd aspect of my life. So, as I have been working through all my NAGC notes from that amazing conference I thought it would only make sense to sort through these notepads. This is my attempt to record ideas and such that I think are important to remember and ditch the rest. As I sort each page I will recycle that piece of paper until I have not papers left in these notepads.

This is about getting myself centered and balanced. Here we go!

Here is a quick sample of what these pages look like. Full of random ideas assembled all over the page for an organized structure only I would understand.

Education Apps To Explore

  • Stick Pick
  • Dropbox(I have this and use it on a daily basis)
  • Teacher Assistant
  • Smart Seat
  • Common Core
  • Wunderlist
  • Confer
Other Apps and Links To Explore
Junk Jack
Whole Food Counter

Robot Sites and Programming & Minecraft

S.M. Boyce - Grimoire
Athlete's Plate - Kelinson
Liminal States - Parson
Crogan's Loyalty - Schweizer
Bunch of Amateurs - Jack Hitt
Totally Lame Vampire
Middle School Worse Than Meatloaf
Paper Covers by Jenny Hubbard
Rot and Ruin by Maberry
Split by Avasthi
The Seeker by Guy Finley
Run Explosively by Michael Yessis
Math Girls by Hiroshi Yuki
Lola and The Boy Next Door - Perkins
How To Die - Ann Hadgman
Americus - MK Reed
Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion

  • Don't compare with those who have more, don't compare with those who have less. Compare not. Just be yourself.....allow your being.
More notes to come. This was only two pages worth keeping from one notepad. Enjoy this list and as always feel free to let me know other suggestions and ideas worth exploring.

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