Saturday, December 1, 2012

To Our New Friends From Japan

My two ELP classes have teamed up again with an amazing educator in Japan to work on our writing skills and hopefully develop a project along the way. The package of letters from Japan arrived this week and we have begun writing our response letters.

Friday my 5th grade students responded and received their letters. They loved it! Below is a short video I compiled for our friends in Japan so they can see their letters here in Iowa as well as their new friend that they will be writing to. On Monday my 4th graders will be doing the same and I will create a similar video. Monday afternoon we will mail our package of letters and goodies to Japan.

This is such a rewarding experience to work not only on writing, but to immerse ourselves in culture with the potential for a larger global project.

Here is our video

Here is a slideshow of the individual pictures from the video above.

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