Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Ideas For Gifted Education, Schools, and Clasrooms

I received some great stuff lately through some networks that I am part of and thought I would just go ahead and share the wealth. There are so many amazing ideas and teachers around the world and without them sharing we cannot get better ourselves. I feel like I need to help share ideas when I can.

Please enjoy! If you find any good use of this information please let me know. I always love hear how we are using new ideas.

Here are some projects, studies, independent and group challenges:

For Educators:
School System of Finland (one of the top systems in the world)

What the World Can Learn from Finnish Schools

Slow and Steady Reform

System and School Organization

Why Are Finland's Schools Successful?

26 Amazing Facts About Finland's Unorthodox Education system


Studying History Through Jokes
History classes can be dry and heavily information laden. Here is an idea for injecting some life into them. Have students determine what the life was like for people of specific cultures by studying their humor.

What was important to the people based on the topics that were the focus of their jokes?

Who did the poke fun at that we still poke fun at today e.g. politicians? What deserved the jokes?

What buildings, institutions were important enough at the time to have jokes created in their "honor"?

Can you get a feel for their political system based on the jokes?

What people got a lot of attention and had jokes told on them?

Do the jokes tell us anything about how sophisticated the society was?

What would aliens from outer space determine about our society and culture if they studied jokes about our modern day?
- police
- politicians
- farms and businesses
- young people, old people
- teenagers
- animals
- jobs (lawyers, doctors)
- interpersonal relationships
- criminals

Find jokes of other cultures and build a library of them and the summaries of the cultures based on analyzing the jokes.


Human Library Day - Jan. 26, 2013
This event can be the catalyst for developing a human library in your own home-family, school, district, province, state, etc.


Have students create an audio records "book" of:

- their family members and especially their oldest relatives
- the living legends in their city/neighborhood
- residents of local seniors homes

Human Library Organization
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