Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liberty and Justice Sharing Egg Duties 2.9.13

Here is a few more clips from Saturday, 2.9.13. I was able to capture the eagles sharing egg duties. What I like to note from this video is when they walk down to sit on the egg. When they do this you really get a sense of how deep the nest is as they have to walk very careful as they make their way into the 5 foot deep nest.

As posted on the ALCOA Bald Eagle page:

No Parent, Not To Worry

If you tune in from time to time and see the egg unattended, you really don't need to worry. As the second and hopefully third egg are laid, Liberty and Justice will spend less and less time off the eggs. It seems they give the first egg or two a little more cooling time to try to get the hatchings to happen a little closer to the same time. Even when the eggs are unattended, at least one of the parents is never too far away from the nest. Be patient, the average incubation is about 35 days. I think last year it was 36 or 37 days before the first egg hatched.

A few people have asked about zooming in. This camera is zoomed out as far as it will go. When the eggs hatch we may zoom in a bit to make it easier to see the little ones for the first few days.

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