Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some Teaching Ideas For Gifted, Social Studies, Humanities, or Anyone Wanting to Think!

Here are a couple of ideas that can be good discussion generators and studies. Thank you to Otto for always sharing great things!

The Words We Use

Many newspapers call the revolutions in the Middle East the "Arab Spring". The people of Tunisia, where it all started, don't take too kindly to this label. They would prefer to call it "Dignity Revolution". If it is a "spring" then what do people think was happening during the "winter"? Was there an "Arab Winter" from which the people emerged?

Why would we just accept the "Arab Spring" term so readily and easily without thought of the meaning? What impression do the words leave with us? Should we be more critical of the term.

How do perhaps pompous, somewhat over-exaggerated titles affect people who read or hear the words?

5 Ways to Fool People:

Former US President George W. Bush once called the invasion of Iraq an attempt to produce "shock and awe". Definition of awe: A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder:
Is that the reaction that anybody wants from people whose lives and countries are destroyed? Is that a fair response to expect of the people being bombed and killed?

Operation Wrath of God (Would God, if asked, really condone people taking over the role of providing retribution for Him?)

Preemption and "Just" War

Names of World Military Operations

News Items explaining the name change of an operation

The Laws of War

What the Bible says about War

Just War Theory

Educational Challenges and Opportunities for Gifted Students

Free online university level courses
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