Thursday, February 14, 2013

Training Put On Hold

I don't know what I did, but Tuesday night after coaching my basketball game my right ankle started to bother me a bit. By the end of the night it was hurting pretty good. I have no idea what happened or what caused it as I did not do anything.

Wednesday morning when I woke up I planned to get my bike workout done, but I could barely walk. My ankle was on fire and hurt something fierce. Throughout the day it just got worse, started to swell a bit and the pain moved to my heel and calf.

Today the pain is still there. I am taking another rest day and the pain is now more the heel, but if I rotate my ankle it hurts and the swelling has also increased.

So, I was back on track, but have a little setback. I need to get to the doctor so hopefully Monday I can make a quick trip over to see as I am busy today and out of town all weekend. The joys of getting old.
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